2010 Writer/Director: (Currently in Post-Production)Kinyarwanda” A feature length film about life, love, and forgiveness during the Rwandan Genocide. Red Camera: 90mins.

2009 Writer/Director: “Grace” A short film about a woman, a mother, an immigrant with everything to lose, but her faith. DV TRT: 8mins. NY International Latino FF. (2009) , Seattle Latino Film Festival (2009)

2009 Writer/Director: “Us: A Love Story” (NYU Thesis Film/Short Narrative ) An allegory about domestic violence and US history. Thesis Advisor: Spike Lee. S16mm RT: 20mins.

2008 Writer/Director: “There She Goes” (Music Video) For artist Jimmy Demers. Universal/Concord Records. Production: The Mercenary Group. HD720i. RT: 3mins 45secs.

2007 Writer/Director/Producer: “Give Along the Way” (Public Service Announcement) For Allstate Insurance Co. With the focus a NJ community, the importance of giving. Mini-DV TRT: 90secs.

2006 Producer: “The Death of Two Sons” (Feature Documentary) Two lives, two deaths one story. Amadou Diallo (West African immigrant shot 41 times by NYPD) and Jesse Thyne (Peace corps volunteer from Pasadena CA who was living with Diallo’s family in Guinea the time of Diallo’s death) was also killed a little while after. DV RT: 1h Awards: HBO Life Through Your Lenses Emerging Filmmaker Award. Festivals: (April 2006) Brooklyn Arts Council. (April 2006) April Pan African-Film Festival. (Audience Award, Best Feature Doc.) (June 2006) San Fransisco Black Film Festival. (June 2006) Urban World/Vibe Film Festival. (2007) Leeds International Film Festival. (Audience Award, Best Feature Doc.) (February 2007) Fespaco, Burkina Faso. (Official Selection)

Currently Co-Producer: “Threads” (Documentary) The courageous journey of a refugee and survivor of the Cambodian genocide, now living in Southern California where she works as a seamstress and at a donut shop. DV RT: 1 hour

Currently Co-director/Co-Producer: “Balancing The Harms” (Short Doc/Training Video) Victims of domestic violence discuss the harms of removing children from their homes. DV RT: 30mins

2005 Writer/Director: “Baby Girl” (Music Video) Artist: Tre. Sel Sum Records. Production: Adam Bush Films. 35mm RT: 3mins 45 secs.

2005 Writer/Director: “Let’s Get Away” (Music Video) Artist: Kieran. Black Rain Records. Production: Adam Bush Films. Super 16mm RT: 3mins 45 secs.

2005 Writer/ Director: “Huis Clos” (No Exit) by Jean Paul Sartre (NYU Short Film) An adaptation of Jean Paul Sartre’s play about three people trapped in a room for eternity—their purgatory. DV RT: 15mins

2005 Writer/ Director: “Africa” (PSA) Africa as a refrigerator where people continually take things out and put nothing in—the depletion of its resources. HD RT: 90 secs Awards: Best PSA H2O International Festival

2004 Director: “The Battle for America” (PSA) A response to the 2004 elections. A cast of 58 people inspiring the country to continue to struggle for what is right. DV RT: 3mins Awards: 2005 Current TV Summer Challenge Finalist, Airing on Current TV.

2004 Writer/ Director: “The Adventures of Supernigger: Episode I, The Final Chapter” NYU (Short Film) A fantastic tale about a superhero who comes face to face with his arch nemesis. It is an allegory about the shooting death of West African immigrant Amadou Diallo. 16mm RT: 14:37 Awards: (2003) NJ Film Festival, Best Short. (2004) Bronx Independent, Best Short. (2004) Urban World, Official Selection. (2004) San Francisco Black Film Festival, Finalist Best Short. (2004) Juneteenth Film Festival, 3rd Pl Best Short. (2004) Rhode Island FF, Official Selection. (2005) Cinequest Online, Viewer’s Choice March-August and many more.

2004 Writer/ Director: “Honeymoon” (NYU Short Film) An adaptation of a Milan Kundera’s short story “The Hitchhiking Game” about a young couple playing a dangerous sex game. DV RT: 10mins

2003 Writer/ Director: “Eat Fish, Live Long w/ Al Lewis” (NYU Short Documentary) A day in the life of actor/activist Grandpa Al Lewis–a man you thought you knew. DV RT: 10mins

2003 Writer/ Director: “Familiar Fruit” (NYU Short Film) A man comes face to face with his past. 16mm RT: 4mins Awards: (July 2005) The Director’s Cut (Best Director) (2003) Bronx International Film Festival 2nd place