KINYARWANDA Sundance Preparations

Jon Reiss spits knowledge on Major & Minor Festival Prep.  A must read for indie filmmakers.  Notice his mention of KINYWANDA.  Join us on Facebook & become a part of our distribution plan.


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It’s all part of a learning eierpxence. Her actions and intentions are reflect how she has responded to her circumstances. They’re built from her eierpxences and her analysis of what she hopes may help her in the future It’s the same way we each respond to situations depending on both what we know and what we hope.

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If he didn’t take a WHIPPING, why is he swapping out his administration wholesale? And why is he suddenly so willing to COMPROMISE?You have a better chance selling Ice to Eskimos than you do of convincing us that November 2010 wasn’t about Obama’s first two years in office. added these pithy words on Apr 29 16 at 1:11 am

Trop cool va y avoir une saison 2!!!!! (Syooooooo……Et les autres)Mais c nul car ça sort quand 2013 et c juste au japon ( je crois ^^’)Au moins il y a une 2eme saison c deja ça ……. added these pithy words on May 13 16 at 1:11 am

– Thank you so much Ruth for joining The 13 Project. It’s people like you that inspired me to create it in the first place. Thank you for all you do for animals and all you do for inspiring others to help as well – you’re awesome xx added these pithy words on Jun 20 16 at 12:44 am

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I love the concept of the OUYA. At first I was concerned about the lack of developer support and the potential of it being hacked easily. I read an interview on Kotaku with Julie Uhrman today and although she was vague on a few answers, it was nice to hear a few of the burning questions answered.I have only made a couple of purchases from the Steam sale, which were Hitman: Blood Money and Torchlight. Two games I have always wanted to play but have never gotten around to it.I’m holding out for Arma II to come up in the sale so that I can eventually give Day Z a try.

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Very good info. Lucky me I ran across your blog by accident (stumbleupon).

I’ve book-marked it for later!

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