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Free knowledge like this doesn’t just help, it promote democracy. Thank you.

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Articolo chiaro ed esautivo ma …. ogni quanto si cambia routinamente la PEG? I colleghi endoscopisti a cui mi sono rivolta hanno dato risposte molto diverse fra loro.Grazie dell’aiuto.

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That’s a posting full of insight!

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Etter ei lita pause er eg på plass igjen. Takk for at du er trufast! Spennande måte du laga det siste bilde på :-)PS: eg må godkjenne alle kommentarar, har ikkje hatt spam problem..

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Well the taxpayer should get a quantum of satisfaction at seeing the boats, Rollses, and mansions their bailout money has turned into.A falling tide still lifts yachts.

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I have this feeling that Rush wants to say more but he's not allowed to by the powers that be. Radio and internet are the only forms of media where real journalism is. The MSM is the propaganda arm of the Democrat/socialist party

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