Drafting "Shadows" the latest script. Might be next film.

Shadows is a script that has been really close to me for a long time. Not going to go into too many details about it’s plot at this point but it deals with an issue rarely touched in this country. In between all the craziness of finishing my thesis film, doing other shorts, shooting music videos and now filming my first feature film; Shadows was always worked on in-between the cracks. Now, it’s coming to the forefront once again.

I am working on it with writing partner, Charles. Charles was also a writing consultant on Kinyarwanda and as a little bit of trivia, I finished the first draft of it at his house before flying off to Rwanda. Anyway, we spent almost a week going through some issues in the Shadows script, problem solving, rewriting, and then talking through our final act. We are being pretty tough on ourselves on this one but rightly so. While out there, we even took a meeting regarding the project. Shadows is something I will also direct. It’s not a project I would turnover to anyone else. I have seen the film in my mind and the characters, as well as what we have thus far, are so crystal clear.

The hopes are to finish out this most recent draft in the next couple weeks and hopefully take it to the next step. It has been a great journey so far and Shadows is another one of those steps into another great adventure.