Black Experience & Film Medium

Some of you didn’t not know that I taught a course at Rutgers University this semester. What an amazing experience. I thought I would be doing this a few years from now but here I am. I somehow feel that I have entered a new phase of my existence. I will continue to make films, but University Education will also be consistently intermingled.

I was blown away by the number of students who walked up after our final class to thank me for the course. I was even more surprised they told me that they learned something. All I did was talk the same shit I preach on a daily basis. I was even more surprised that I watched them grow to the point where they asked to rewrite papers that they did poorly on. I was even more surprised that 3 students handed in response papers that were not due. They gave themselves assignments. Many took the class for granted in the beginning (a Black film class where you watch movies) but by the end they realized, I hope, that this course was about them and their future and their ability to dictate their own image and thus their future.

The old wisdom holds through “Find something you love and get payed to do it.” I don’t get payed much but now I have a big class(Film) and a little class that I love.

Thank you all. Thank you Kim for telling me about the Job. Thank you Mr. Plummer for driving me to class and for the constant encouragement and education. Thank you Pross, Mick, Jay, John for being teachers.

Many shook my hand, one sent me a text, below is the first one to send an email.


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